SpinShip for Android

26 Jun

hello again! today i am writing about a android game called: “SpinShip” ill write about cause snakeinalake requested it!

ok, first off i will tell a little about the graphics:

ok, ill see on youtube that it is a cool 3d spaceship shooter game. the rocks that is spinning around the game is awsome! they are great made and ill see all the enemy’s is *almost* the same. they are good made and good coded. the spaceship is wierd formed… by the way, it is very good made to.

ill see on the movie that the game has a feature so you can turn the android phone around to move the ship and that makes it harder. so the game has leaderboards too, and achievments.

link on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHYZcSjBTYA

link to buy it: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.snakeinalake.spinship&feature=search_result


NOD: Nation Of Design Forum

21 Jun

ok, I gonna talk about a forum called: Nation Of Design. first of all i need to say some stuff about it: it is a forum and if you don’t know what a forum is i can make an entry that I will try to explain it.. so, NOD is a forum that is quite popular and getting bigger everyday! it has an excellent chatting system so when you log on you can see online persons and start chatting without being friends 🙂 so the site is about graphics and show-off and they will give you critic for your work and tell you how you will do it better. the site has some awesome stats;

• Total posts 49005 • Total topics 2130 • Total members 495

isn’t that pretty awesome? YES, it has some cool staff members too! ill give a huge recommend for the site! I love it!

wanna chat with me? my name is: “graphs” there.


link: http://www.nationofdesign.com/forums

fishing is FUN!

18 Jun

hello everyone! dear fishers, fisher fans, non fisher fans.

i decided to talk a little about fishing! first can i talk a little about my-self that is realated to fishing:

when i was young my dad took me often to the forest to a little river. we used to get fish, not big but it was fun. i have always loved fishing, i live near the sea soo, we have a boat that i use to go fishing with. last summer did i and my two cousins out on a boat trip on fishing. i did get a fish called: cod. and guess what? it was a big fish 8kg! it was so big! and this summer i hope i gonna fish a bigger fish!!! so wish me good luck! many people doing sportfishing so they release all the fishes when they catch them! i think its stupid cause the fishes can get hurt. they can even die! so when im out fishing im just fishing till i have enough to eat and maybe give away some:) so “sport fishers=stupid”

how-to guide:

ok this is required to fish in a boat: first of all you will need a boat and some oars or a motor and if you have motor you will need gasoline. then you will need a fishing rod and a fish hook! and i recommend to have a little thing that you put before the hook so the line doesnt beeing messed up! it have happend to me, fishing line = broken… and when you have everything go on! i will tell you a succeesful method that i use: jigging! to do that just release youre hook down under your boat till it touch the bottom just take up a little and start whipping the rod up and down regulary! when you get a fish you know what to do 😉

good morning

18 Jun

hello everybody! welcome back to my blog!! i was just interested if any1 could comment an idea on what game, website, blog etc. i should write about=)

1st entry!

17 Jun

hello everyone! i have just created this blog and i hope i will get some traffic on it! i need help now:) comment if you got any ideas for what i gonna write about! i feal to hyper to write right now! im from norway and i will try to write on english:) and dudes? how many characters do you want me to write on each entry? tell me basic stuff!

-see ya later!