fishing is FUN!

18 Jun

hello everyone! dear fishers, fisher fans, non fisher fans.

i decided to talk a little about fishing! first can i talk a little about my-self that is realated to fishing:

when i was young my dad took me often to the forest to a little river. we used to get fish, not big but it was fun. i have always loved fishing, i live near the sea soo, we have a boat that i use to go fishing with. last summer did i and my two cousins out on a boat trip on fishing. i did get a fish called: cod. and guess what? it was a big fish 8kg! it was so big! and this summer i hope i gonna fish a bigger fish!!! so wish me good luck! many people doing sportfishing so they release all the fishes when they catch them! i think its stupid cause the fishes can get hurt. they can even die! so when im out fishing im just fishing till i have enough to eat and maybe give away some:) so “sport fishers=stupid”

how-to guide:

ok this is required to fish in a boat: first of all you will need a boat and some oars or a motor and if you have motor you will need gasoline. then you will need a fishing rod and a fish hook! and i recommend to have a little thing that you put before the hook so the line doesnt beeing messed up! it have happend to me, fishing line = broken… and when you have everything go on! i will tell you a succeesful method that i use: jigging! to do that just release youre hook down under your boat till it touch the bottom just take up a little and start whipping the rod up and down regulary! when you get a fish you know what to do 😉


One Response to “fishing is FUN!”

  1. craftersword June 18, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    i love fishing too have always done will always do, i knew the boat recomendes from before so.
    but good job with ur blog go on like this!

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